Pocket Watch of Lt George Dixon From The Sunk Sub The Hunley

The pocket watch that belonged to the commanding officer of the Civil War-era submarine “H.L. Hunley,” Lt. George Dixon. The watch was retrieved from the Hunley and  archaeologists hope to use it to determine the time the sub sank on February 17, 1864. U.S. Navy photo. (RELEASED)

For 131 years the submarine remained undetected, entombed in sand and sediment 6.4 km off the coast of South Carolina’s Sullivan Island. Then, in 1995, author and adventurer Clive Cussler, with a team from his National Underwater and Marine Agency, was rewarded for persistence after a 15-year search. That search was conducted in partnership with the South Carolina Institute of Anthropology and Archaeology. Dragging a magnetometer through the water, the explorers located the sub preserved under one meter of silt, in water 8.5 m deep. The vessel, covered in concretions from 6.4 mm to 19 mm thick, was found intact, lying on its starboard side at a 45-degree angle.

More on the Hunley Here:

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