The Lundquist’s

The Lundquist story begins on February 9, 1834 with the birth of my second great grandfather Karl Gustav Lundquist. Karl was born in Luckebo, Lerbeck, Socken, Sweden. Karl’s original surname was “Larsson;” however, as Swedish families typically changed their surnames, Karl and his brother Johannes took upon themselves the surname of “Lundqvist.” It is believed the brothers did so as Lund, owned by Count Wachtmeister, was the biggest estate in the parish of Lerbeck.

Karl, Johannes, and their sister Anna Lisa were orphaned at an early age. On or near December 1, 1834, Karl’s father, Lars Johan Olsson, drowned in Lake Hjalmaren. Karl’s mother, Anna Maja Andersson, died on March 14, 1835.

Lake Hjalmaren

At an early age, Karl worked as a farmhand until he moved to Amneharad. It was there that he met Karin (Carolina) Ersson, my second great grandmother. Karin was born on September 12, 1832 in Lekvettnet, Socken, Varmlands, Sweden. On November 20, 1857, Karin and Karl were married.

Karin and Karl had nine children: Huldah Maria, Victor Gabriel, Johannes, Aron William, Alexander George, Emanuel Richard, Charles Emil, Eric Benjamin (my great grandfather), and Hilma Augusta.

According to Emanuel Richard, the Lundquist’s were first introduced to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1880 by Olaf Olafson, a farmer living approximately 12 miles south. The following is an excerpt from Emanuel’s personal writings:

He (Olaf Olafson) being in the habit of going (driving) to the Flour Mill and passing always by our place would occasionally stop in and talk of Mormonism and Utah (Zion), mother being the only one in the family who apparently gave any attention to the same. About a year later, however, after the death of my father, we had sold our farm and all things belonging to it for some 4,000 crowns (Krawns), and prepared for journeying across the waters.

We started about the 26 of Aug., 1881 for Gotteborg, and the following day Mother, Charle, Benjamin, Hilma and myself were baptized into the Church by Elder A. G. Johnson at the above named city. We arrived about a month later at Logan, Utah, and remained there for a number of years. About this time Victor, Aron, and Alex came from the East and joined us, and were also baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, but have not up to this time (1921) taken any further interest in it, (excepting Ben who lives in Smithfield, Utah) they, with Hulda, having preceded us emigrated to Illinois. Hulda, Charles, Aron, Victor, and Hilma later made their homes in California.

Emanuel Richard Lundquist and his family, about 1897

It was the practice of Mormon missionaries during the 19th Century to advise converts to join church members in America. As told by Emanuel, the Lundquist’s settled in the Logan, Utah area, specifically Hyde Park. It was there that my great grandfather, Eric Benjamin Lundquist, met and married Eugenia Harris. Eric and Eugenia lived with Karin during the first few years of their married life. Karin always called Eric Benjamin “Benny.” Eric and his wife eventually settled in Smithfield, Utah, which is about three miles north of Hyde Park.

Karin (Carolina) Ersson

On January 4, 1910, Eric Benjamin and Eugenia welcomed a baby boy into the world – my grandfather, Harold Edwin Lundquist. I have so much to tell you about him, so be on the lookout for many more stories.

Harold Edwin Lundquist, sitting on the steps of the Smithfield home with alto saxophone and trombone

My grandfather and his family ultimately moved to Los Angeles, California, where my mom was born.

Front, from left to right: my mom, grandfather, and grandma; back, from left to right: Uncle Richard and Uncle Eddie

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