Hans Madsen Funk

Here is the brief yet fascinating story of my second great grand uncle, Hans Madsen Funk (1839-1892). Hans Madsen Funk Hans Madsen Funk was born on May 15, 1839 in Eskesgård, Pedersker, Bornholm, Denmark. If you recall, he was one of thirteen children born to Diderik Espersen Funk and Kirsten Madsen Hansen. Hans Madsen Funk’s birth […]

The Funk’s

Funk family history takes us to Denmark – specifically, the Island of Bornholm. Bornholm is situated in the Baltic Sea, approximately 100 miles southeast of Copenhagen. Curiously, Bornholm is closer to Sweden and Poland than mainland Denmark. Picturesque Bornholm The Island of Bornholm to the East My third great grandfather, Diderik Espersen Funk (1800-1874), was a […]