My AncestryDNA Results

About a month ago I decided to take a DNA test through I had heard a lot about the test and became fascinated with the idea that technology could assist in your genealogical research. So, I received the DNA kit, spit into a clear plastic tube, and sent it off not knowing what to expect.

Well, I got really excited when I got the email this morning informing me my results were in. I must admit that my results were not very surprising – they pretty much confirmed what I had known all along.

The greatest percentage goes to Scandinavia (the Lundquist’s and Funk’s), closely followed by Great Britain (the Hunley’s and Stafford’s). The 12% attributed to Ireland was somewhat puzzling, but it is very plausible the Irish comingled with the English.

And look at the small percentages attributed to the Iberian Peninsula and European Jewish – highly interesting.

Although the test confirmed what I already knew, I am still fasctinated that DNA can tell you so much about yourself and family history. 

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