The Stafford’s (Or Is It The Compton’s?)

The Stafford line – truly an enigma and by far the hardest line to trace. I had always heard that the Stafford’s originated from England and eventually settled in Virginia. So far, my research seems to confirm this. However, unlike the other family lines, I am not able to identify a specific ancestor that traveled to America on a specific date.

The earliest Stafford I found was John Miles Stafford, my 5th great grandfather. John was born on February 17, 1783 in Walkers Creek, Giles, Virginia. On May 10, 1803, John married Nancy Runyon in Tazewell, Virginia – they had eight children.

For the longest time I was unable to identify John’s parents – the line simply stopped at John. Then, in early December of last year, I received a message from someone on who matched my DNA profile. Here is an excerpt from this message:

We have family lore that John Miles Stafford was “raised by the Compton’s” from the memoirs of one of his grandsons and as it turns out, our Y-DNA is a match for the Compton surname. That tells us that John Miles Stafford was born out of wedlock to a COMPTON male and a STAFFORD female, and we are nearly certain of who the couple is, and believe that it is John Compton Jr. and probably Absolem’s daughter Sarah Stafford. Absolem Stafford and John Compton Sr. (father of John Compton Jr.) shared a property line in Tazewell Co, VA and can also be found living in very close proximity during the years of their migration from the east coast.

Jackpot! It turns out that John Miles Stafford is a descendant of the Compton line. After diving deeper into the family history, I began noticing Stafford males with the first name of “Compton.” Compton Stafford (1805-1890), one of John’s sons, was married to Eleanor McCoy (of the famed Hatfield versus McCoy feud). My second great grandfather was also named Compton Stafford (1847-1905).

Compton Stafford with His Wife Jeanie Simpson (1851-after 1910)

Could it be that “Compton” became a family name out of respect for the Compton family who raised John Miles Stafford?

On December 15, 1889, Jeanie Simpson gave birth to my great grandfather Charlie Stafford. I have been told that Charlie loved to wear three-piece suits.

Charlie Stafford (1889-1973)

On December 20, 1916, Charlie married Draxie Alice Large in Pike County, Kentucky.

Marriage Certificate of Charlie Stafford and Draxie Large

Draxie Alice Large (1895-1942)

Charlie and Draxie had four children – Raymond, Mable Gerie (my grandmother), Florene, and Juanita.

Gerie Stafford (“Grandma G”) and Raymond Stafford, Around 1920

Charlie Stafford with Juanita (Left) and Florene (Right)

On February 14, 1973, Charlie passed away in Gardena, California at the age of 83.

On July 1, 1938, my grandma married Shade Hunley – they would go on to have four children of their own, including my dad.

Gerie Stafford and Shade Hunley

My dad and grandma out on the ocean in a big boat, carried 2,000 people and went a 40 mile trip.

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