Grandpa Lundquist’s “Julmust” I saw this soda in a Scandinavian shop and was instantly attracted to the brand – “Uncle Lundquist.” As you may remember, “Lundquist” is my mom’s maiden name. “Julmust” is a soft drink (kind of like a spicy root beer) mainly consumed in Sweden around Christmas. In fact, “julmust” outsells Coca-Cola during the […]

Alexander George Lundquist’s Autograph Book

The following images are from an autograph book that belonged to Alexander George Lundquist (1865-1891), my great grandfather’s brother. The first autographs are dated 1889, so the book is very old. I have never seen the actual book but am lucky to have copies of the scanned images. Page 1: The inscription says “AG Lundquist, Thistle, […]