Alexander George Lundquist’s Autograph Book

The following images are from an autograph book that belonged to Alexander George Lundquist (1865-1891), my great grandfather’s brother. The first autographs are dated 1889, so the book is very old. I have never seen the actual book but am lucky to have copies of the scanned images.


Page 1: The inscription says “AG Lundquist, Thistle, Utah.”

An autograph from Alexander’s brother, Carl Emil Lundquist (”Chas”). It reads: “Thistle, Utah, Mar. 14, 1890. Dear Bro. May you ever succeed in solving the problems of life.“ The next sentence is written in Swedish. My Swedish teacher told me it says “a good disposition leads to a happy life.” I believe the last sentence is written in German (”everything is done!”).


Dated November 4, 1889: “Dear Friend, Love many and trust few. And always paddle your own canoe. Compliments of Alma Stratt. Springville.”

Dated January 13, 1889: “Friend Aleck, May thou live in joy forever, Naught from the true pleasure sever; May no tear burden thine eye, From thy heart arise no sigh. Joys be many, cares be few, Smooth the path thou shalt pursue, And Heaven’s richest blessings shine Ever on both thee and thine. Is the wish of your friend, Estelle V. Rager.” The inscription by the flowers says, “Forget me not.”

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