Obituary of Compton Stafford

The obituary of Compton Stafford (1847-1905)—my 2nd great grandfather—tells a sad tale. A coal miner by profession, Compton sought employment at the Hatfield mines in Nolan, West Virginia. While walking on tracks, he was hit by a train owned by the Norfolk and Western Railway. Compton left behind a wife and seven children with “scant means of support.”

Compton Stafford Obituary

Compton Stafford Obituary: Big Sandy News (February 1905)


One thought on “Obituary of Compton Stafford

  1. Genealogy is so interesting. There is always another rock to be overturned!
    I am hoping that I feel like taking the time to document what I have uncovered about the Chopin, Smith, Strayer, Benshoff (Benzhof), Harrison, line! I need to do a blog, but just not there yet! Thx for following me on my quilting blog!

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