The Radiographs of Albert G. Richards

Albert G. Richards (1917-2008) is the great uncle of my wife. He spent more than 40 years as a professor at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry. His curriculum emphasized the use of X-rays to solve various dental ailments. Eventually, Albert’s X-rays took on an artistic flair. He began radiographing unconventional objects, such as bombs, insects, fossils, snow flakes, and flowers. Over the course of many years, Albert created over 3,600 floral radiographs. I’m excited to present a small portion of his collection.

Flower 1


Flower 2


Flower 3

Calla Lily

Flower 4

Dahlia, Cactus

Flower 5

Rose, Top View



9 thoughts on “The Radiographs of Albert G. Richards

  1. Dr. Richards taught me radiology as a Dental Hygiene student in the mid 1970’s at U of M. He was kind and patient and focused and I am glad to have had his guidance when I was learning. I believe he was just starting to experiment with radiographing flowers-I thought they were the coolest, most beautiful images ever, even back then!! Still do . . . and I would like to try buy some to hang in my home now in Ann Arbor. Is there someplace/someone you could put me in touch with that could help me find them?


    • So happy you knew Dr. Richards! All of the images we have come from a book he wrote called “The Secret Garden: 100 Floral Radiographs.” I’m not sure where you can buy prints. I know he had an exhibit at the Museum of Jurassic Technology. I would try to contact them and see if they have more information.


    • This message is for Julia Beer….I worked for the American Dental Association in the 1970’s & Dr. Richards attended one of the council meetings that I was in charge of as a secretary. He gave me an original autographed 2-D image of one of his floral radiographs as a gift. I still have it and I am looking to sell it if you are interested. You can contact me at my email address of


  2. Hi there, we are currently doing some research on Dr Richards because we are putting together a flower photography show and have one of his prints for inclusion the exhibition. It would be wonderful to talk to you more about him and his work.


    • Hello! I didn’t know him personally. In fact, he’s related to my wife. However, I do have a book of his radiographs (called “The Secret Garden”). It has a brief biography. Are you familiar with the book? If not, I could send you the bio.


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