About The Family Bible

A major selling point of the Family Bible was its “Records” or “Register” section. This was an area generally located between the Old and New Testaments where families could record births, marriages, deaths, etc.

The Family Bible has now miraculously transformed into websites, apps, and, yes, blogs.

This blog celebrates the many aspects of family history – from captivating family tales to practical tips and tricks. This blog also documents the convergence of multiple family lines, some going back to the 1500’s. It starts, however, with the blending of four families: (1) the Hunley’s (England); (2) the Stafford’s (England); (3) the Lundquist’s (Sweden); and (4) the Funk’s (Denmark). Each family has its own roster of unique characters: pioneers, misfits, inventors, sweethearts, etc.

My journey through family history has uncovered fascinating tales. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.